Torsion Springs



Torsion Springs are coil springs designed to apply or resist a twisting (torsional) force around a center point. They can also be manufactured with two sets of coils wound in opposite directions around the same center axis. These are referred to as "double torsion springs."

The coils of a torsion spring are usually close wound with minimal tension between the coils, but they can also be made open wound to reduce friction or to create a spring that functions as both a torsion spring and a compression spring.

Torsion springs typically have two legs that can be formed into almost any configuration in order to be connected to other components.


Pattinson Springs utilize a wide range of materials from Range 2, Range 2 Gal, zinc plated, stainless 304 and 316, music wire, chrome silicon, chrome vanadium, mild steel. All wire used has been manufactured to Australian standards.


Some of the most common applications that you might be familiar with is the common mouse trap, clothes pegs, clip boards and garage doors. Generally a torsion spring is used to return something to its original position when the spring is bent around its central access.

Torsion Springs made to order

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